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Team - photo Ingerid JordalFour VAKEs in a row for Ola Denarp (1968) and Mats Ekström (1966) from Luleå, Sweden. placed 15 last year, in 2017 they're aiming for top 10. They proved their stamina in the rain last year, let's see what they can achieve in perfect conditions ;) 

Photo: Ingerid Jordal / VAKE

In VAKE 2016, was the last team to cross the finish line in Vardø on the rainy April 8, only hours before the sailing window closed. That takes some determination. We believe them when they say they never give up. 

Ola is probably one of the first kiteskiers in Sweden. He started kiting both on snow and water in 1998 and never stopped. He loves kiting on big waves and in deep snow and long kitetrips in the mountains and in the Luleå archipelago. He also has a lot of hiking experience on skis in the Scandinavian mountains and The Alps. He has been cross-country skiing, mountaineering and downhill skiing since childhood.

Mats has been snowkiting for 15 years, mostly in the Scandinavian mountains and Luleå archipelago in all kinds of conditions. He also has lots of hiking experience on skiis in Sweden, Norway and The Alps. He has done lots of cross-country- and downhill skiing and mountaineering.

Special skills

"Lots of outdoor experience and we never give up!"


"Have lots of fun and finish in the top 10!"


Ola Denarp