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Snowkite Bastards photo Ekaterina GolitsynaThis will be the third VAKE for Anders Stubban (1984) and Erik Langørgen (1971). I 2015, they just missed the deadline at checkpoint Bergebyvann. Last year they made it to Vardø as team 14. The goal is to keep climbing on the result list. 

Photo: Ekaterina Golitsyna / VAKE

Anders has been an active snow-kiter for the past seven years. He has crossed most national parks in Norway on foot, on skis or by wind and has done some minor kiting competitions. He’s done Xtreme Eidford across Hardangervidda three times. It’s called the worlds’ hardest skirace.

He’s a strenuous hike enthusiast at Telemark and/or split-board, ice-climber and has experience from expeditions like Kilimanjaro and Mont Blanc. He has avalanche instructor courses and is trained in first aid.

Erik is often seen kiting at Rørosvidda, and has been an active snowkiter for eight years. His speciality is kiting up mountains and skiing down. He has extensive experience with crossing Norwegian national parks during winter and has been on several overnight kiting trips. Erik is a snowboard instructor Level 2 and have spent several months at ski camps in the Swiss Alps. Erik has also done avalanche courses and is trained in first aid. 

Special skills

"Bastards never give up, always keep going and find a way. We have been kiting in all named storms in Norway last past four years: Kyrre in 2014 and Nina and Ole 2015. Frome extremly overpowered to absense of wind and draging the kite. Whiteout, blackout, blindness, blisters and painful need for peeing. You name it, we kite it..."


"In 2015 we made it to Bergebyvann. In 2016 we finished as team 14 in whiteout. In 2017 we want to see the rest of the Peninsula and climb the ranking list of the World Championship. We're looking forward to this marvellous race, to see you again and the rest of the competitor friends". 


Erik Langørgen photo Ekaterina GolitsynaTeam Snowkite Bastards photo Ekaterina Golitsyna