345 VAKE 2016 photo Ingerid JordalFingers crossed that it will be possible, we’re planning for Varanger Arctic Kite Enduro 2021. Application form opens December 6th.


We’re optimistic, but aware of the fact that whether we’ll be able to run VAKE as planned depends on the state of the Covid-19 pandemic at the time. Hopefully, we can run as planned. However, it is possible that we have to make adaptions and it may not be possible at all.


The dates and schedule below is the best case scenario:

Arrival Berlevåg Tuesday April 6th
Start Berlevåg Thursday April 8th
Sailing window closes Monday 12th at 16.00
Departure Vadsø Tuesday 13th

We’ve decided to race through the weekend to keep VAKE off the Easter holiday and still get ahead of the reindeer moving from winter- to summer pasture that usually starts 1-2 weeks after Easter.

25 teams allowed

Because of the situation, we’ve set a preliminary limit of 25 teams for VAKE 2021. If needed, we’ll have a waiting list hoping to allow more teams if possbile.

First priority: Teams on the final list for VAKE 2020 (team members must be the same).

If all the teams on the list from 2020 want to do VAKE 2021, the first 25 that apply will get spots – the rest will be on a waiting list. Teams that were not signed up for 2020, will in this case also be put on the waiting list.

Eather way – if you want to do VAKE 2021, apply on vake.no from December 6th 20:00 Norwegian time.

More information will follow!

Photo: Ingerid Jordal


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