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Team Upsete - photo Ingerid JordalAt 7:45 this morning, Upsete, Thomas Sørensen & Per Store from Norway, reached Vardø finish with a good margin on the other teams in the lead. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE WORLD CHAMPION TITLE!! We know this victory is very welcome, and it is very well deserved, as Upsete has been right up there for years and had some bad luck last year that put them out of race when in a leading position.


Video from finish at - Upsete stating: Do not recommend anyone try to finish with 8 m2 kites. Closing in to finish line was the most difficult moment, with no possibility to stop,  too much power in the kite!"

Upsete have been struggeling with Team Albatross all the way from Berlevåg, but took the lead on them decending from the Varanger Peninsula plateau to checkpoint Vadsø. From then on, they have been in first position in solemn majesty. Thomas and Per are very experienced, veterans in VAKE and physically and mentally strong. World Champions in the Varanger Arctic Kite Enduro - the ultimate expedititon, the hardest kite race in the world - that's something to brag about.

Thomas and Per have both been kiting since 2002. They hold a 2nd place in VAKE 2012, 2nd place in TOKE 2013, a 4th place in VAKE 2013 (among other merits).

Thomas from Bergen is a kite instructor and has been on several long trips on Hardangervidda. This will be his his sixth Varanger Arctic Kite Enduro together with his teammate Per.

Per from Eidsvåg with roots in Nesseby thinks he has enough winter experience by now. They have both spent a lot of time outdoors since they were kids, and just love it!