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Beckett Brothers photo Ekaterina GolitsynaThe Danish brothers Thomas (1974) and Anders Beckett (1975) is back for a second round at the Varanger Peninsula. They say they learned a lot last year and are now aiming for the top ten! 

Photo: Ekaterina Golitsyna/VAKE

The Beckett Brothers have primarily been kiting out of Rondane, Norway, with their primitive cottage as a base. They've been kiting all around the area and also used the kites to climb some of the mountains there. They have also been kiting on Hardangervidda and the Alps and in Denmark, they kiteboard. 

The Becketts have extensive experience with expeditions in arctic conditions with a duration of several weeks, inculding randonee expeditions where we they have built and lived in igloos. They have climbed and skied Denali from the summit in Alaska in snow/ice expedition, where they lived in igloos and tents. They've been on various self guided climbing expeditions: Mont Blanc, Elbrus, Mt McKinley. 

Special skills

  • We are good team players.
  • We are somehow comfortable in snowy, cold and for "normal" people harsh conditions. Even the toughest challenge is turned into a fun, but serious game and gives us the greatest time on earth.
  • We love skiing, mountaineering and kiting and practice as much as possible on water, snow or ice.
  • We are able to face challenging situations and make the impossible possible.
  • We are good at making self-judgement and know when to move and when to stay.


"In VAKE 2016 we learned a lot and enjoyed every minute of the competition. We did not make it to the finish line, but had a fantastic experience and became aware of what to improve and what to hold on to. And of course, we made a lot of friends whom we are looking forward to meeting again. Since VAKE 2016, we have focused a lot on better equipment and improving our kite skills and we are definetely prepared. Our goal is to finish among the top 10 teams".


Welcome!Team Beckett Brothers