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Team Ulle og Maxi photo Ekaterina GolitsynaUlrikke (Ulle) Christina Kjær (1987) and Maximilian (Max) Rohrer (1988) are back to finish what they started as Team Camp RipOff in 2016. They have three goals for this years VAKE: (1) finish the race, (2) be among the best mixed teams, and (3) be the fastest Dane and the fastest Austrian. 

Photo: Ekaterina Golitsyna / VAKE

Ulrikke started kiting in 2011. "Hardangervidda mountain plateau is our second home in winter, and Max and I go there as often as we can. We either stay at Finse or pack our pulks and go on longer kite-tent-trips.

Ulrikke enjoys being outside in wintertime and love all ski-related activities (rando, alpine, telemark, cross-country and snowboarding). In 2006-2007 she spent a year at Seljord Folkehøgskole in the outdoor program and lived at Svalbard for six months in 2010. The experience of managing the harsh and often fast changing Arctic climate has been valuable to her in all winter trips ever since. Besides kiting, she has a huge interest in general outdoor life, including sailing, skiing, hiking, and climbing. In 2009, she hiked from Drammen to Bergen with a friend. The trip took 17 days.

"VAKE 2016 was one of my best experiences ever. So, I do have the stamina and determination that it takes to finish VAKE 2017", Ulrikke says.

When Maximilian started kiting in 2011, it instantly turned into his top-hobby. He’s been kiting uncountable days since then. 

"Since 2011 I am actively kiting on snow and water, the latter is my absolute favorite. The most memorable trips, besides VAKE 2016, were crossing the Hardanger glacier south of Finse kite supported along side the 17th of May parade, and crossing the Vidda several times during a 6-day preparation trip for last years VAKE. Despite encountering almost all kinds of crappy conditions in last year’s VAKE, such as whiteout, storm, and last but not least rain, I (almost) always felt comfortable relying on my kiting skills during the race. My main point is that I am a responsible person who loves kiting in winter time, and I feel comfortable about my skills doing so".

Special skills

"We are an Austrian – Danish/Norwegian couple, living in a sailboat in Oslo. As a couple we are lucky to share many of the same interests (sailing, skiing, climbing, hiking, kiting, etc.). We started kiting together, and know each others skills, strengths and weaknesses to the full. “All” our hobbies are centered on outdoor sports, and it is wonderful to always have a motivated and fit partner for adventures.

This far, our experience tells us that when one of the team members gets exhausted or gets an emotional downer, the other one tends to react oppositely and manage to turn the situation. This is a great advantage, as we manage to keep the spirit up when needed.

At the moment we are training for a kite-expedition in Greenland in May 2017. Our plan is to kite from Kangerlussuaq to Qaanaaq, a distance of 1500km+. We expect that this trip takes 20 to 25 days. While VAKE is the best training for our Greenland expedition, the preparation for the expedition is the best training for VAKE. This means, by beginning of April, we are going to be in super shape and ready for VAKE 2017!"


"Last year the kiting conditions were terrible, but the experience was amazing. We made it to Vadsø and decided to stop there Friday morning approximately 9am. In 2017 we want to come back and finish what we have started. We have three goals for this years VAKE: (1) finish the race, (2) be among the best mixed teams, and (3) be the fastest Dane and the fastest Austrian. Admittedly, the last point is really important to us.

We hope we get to see the beautiful landscape at the Varanger peninsula this year. The weather and whiteouts can´t possibly be worse than last year. Also, Ulrikke’s mother, Susanne, needs an excuse to go back to Varanger, and help manning checkpoint Stjernevann".

We are glad to announce that Susanne will be here this year as well - and her brother!


Ulrikke KjaerMaximilian Rohrer