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Czech Lions photo Ekaterina GolitsynaTomáš Křivský (1976) and Martin Lafek (1983) from The Czech Republic are back for round two as a team. Last year they finished as #8. This year they seem to have developed some bad leisurely habits. We guess they're in denial. 

Photo: Ekaterina Golitsyna / VAKE

Tomáš is a veteran and has been with us since VAKE 2010 (in Bora Czech team). He's always been among the top ten teams to finish. Tomáš has also done a lot of local snowkite races and marathons, and enjoys winter-climbing. 

Martin has been snowkiting since 2006 and also has a lot of racing experience; many local snowkiting races, Trans-Onego Kite Enduro, Mosmore, RedBull Ragnarok and VAKE 2016. 

Special skills
2016: "Non-comfort is our home and pain is our food". 
2017: "We need a lot of sleep in the mornings. We need warm food every second hour. We need a hot shower every evening".

"To see the land again without fog and meet all the VAKE people".