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Team SideshoreLars LAbee-Lund (1978) and Hans Rognerud (1981) are back for their second VAKE. In 2016 they made it to Vadsø, but now they hope they have the experience to finish the race. "We love to kite, but we are even better at walking", they say. Looking at the history of VAKE weather, that's not a disadvantage...

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It all startet with a Jojo kite for Lars when he took one of the first kite-courses in Norway back in 2000. He's had many years of snowkiting- and kitesurfing experience since then. He did Ragnarok in 2011 and 2012 (place 7th and 14th). He won the Norwegian Championship in kite cross at Røros in 2012. 

Lars founded Sideshore in 2006 with Marius Coucheron and have done a lot of kite courses over the time both in Norway and abroad. He sold Sideshore in 2014, but are still competing under the name. 

He's been skiing, kiting and tenting outside since he was a student and have done several winter trips with Hans in recent years in addition to VAKE 2016.

Hans started snowkiting in 2003 and never stopped. He has done several snowkite overnight trips with Lars during the last 2-3 years and are eager to get more experience. Hans has been a professional in the Norwegian Army for 10 years.

Special skills
"Team Sideshore has a good set of skills that are important in VAKE. Stamina and dicipline. We prepare for months and only pack what is strictly neccessary. We experiment with new ideas and try to make them our advantage. We love to kite, but we are even better at walking :)"

"Last year we didn't have the experience. This year we come with a completely new set of experience in our back pack. In 2017 we want to finish the race and cross the line in Vardø. A good top 10 result would be a nice bonus".


(Below: Lars to the left and Hans to the right)

Lars LAbee Lund

Hans Rognerud