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Team Navrhuju Snist PsyThe Czech team with the weirdest team name "Navrhuju Sníst Psy" / "I suggest you eat dogs" are back. With a convincing 7th place in VAKE 2016, we have high expectations for Honza Simek (1980) and Miroslav Schutz (1988) in the World Championship this year. 

Photo: Private

The team name

"Navrhuju Sníst Psy" / "I suggest you eat dogs" is a quote from a famous Czech play called "Dobyti severniho polu" or "The Conguest of the North Pole". Read more about the play here.

The team

Both Honza and Miroslav have spent many days and nights with snow and kite at Hardangervidda and European mountains. Sleeping in tents and snow caves in the southern mountains is no challenge for this duo. They did VAKE 2016 together and also went to Ragnarok 2015 and 2016.

Honza has been snowkiting for some years now and loves it more than any other sport. Water sucks :) Freeriding on Hardangervidda is his favorite passion. He tries to spend more and more time there every season.

"I love Norway, especially Hardangervidda. I have spent many days and nights in there on snowkite trips. I've been cold and exhausted few times, but I didn't freeze to death so far. And I would like it to stay that way", he says. 

Miroslav snowkites a lot. On snowboard or skis, no wind or storm, foil or inflatable. "I don't care, I just kite", he says. 

"I like to go out to the Norwegian wilderness. I usually dig a snow cave and spend few days and nights in there playing Boom beach on my tablet. When my battery dies, I go back. I do that whole winter season". We know better!

Special skills

"Jedeme kudlu vole!!!" Slang for "From now on, we will go as fast as possible!"


"VAKE 2016 was our first long distance kiting competition and it was incredible. Without exaggeration, it was the best experience we've ever had and we want to enjoy it once more. We may get married soon (not to each other). VAKE 2017 can be one of the last possibilites to have fun :)"