Participant (photo: Ingerid Jordal)
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Team Popoloka photo Ekaterina GolitsynaAlexey Stepanov (1982) and Olga Ryzhova (1985) from Russia comes back for VAKE 2017 with more experience, stronger bridles and still perfect eyesight. Their goal is to cross the finishing line. 

Alexey has been kiting since 2009. He won the 2015 Arctic kite marathon on the tundra near Vorkuta, he did VAKE last year, TOKE 2014, 2015 and 2016 (always in the top three with mixed teams) and won "8 winds" 2015 - a two days non-stop marathon (polar Ural). He's also done a few years of snowboarding in Alps, Iran and Russia. 

Olga has been kiting since 2008 and has done a lot of local competitions. She's won different Russian Championship, TOKE 2016 (3rd place in mixed teams) and VAKE 2016. She's been skiing in the mountains with family every winter since the age of ten and has done a lot of multi-days trips in the forests and mountains in different regions of Russia.

Special skills

"About two days non-stop kiting and walking with sledges. Olga has 1000% eye vision. She can see kites or people in the dark from far, far away. This is very useful to watch our competitors :)"


"This year we have new kites (and new sizes) with strong bridles, so loss of kites will not be a problem any more. Of course we will be on finishing line this time - despite of whiteouts, rocks and other cute things :)"