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Team YeS - photo Ekaterina GolitsynaAleksey Korolko (1975) and Svetlana Freeder (1981) from Russia have eight VAKEs between them. In 2017 they came in as best mixed team! Aleksei and Svetlana never give up - we know that for a fact. 

Photo: Ekaterina Golitsyna / VAKE

Aleksey started snowkiting in 2005 and has done local competitions and Russian championships since then. He startet enduro racing in 2011. This will be his 6th VAKE! (He did VAKE 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016). Aleksey is also a regular at Trans-Onego Kite Enduro in Russia.

Svetlana started snowkiting in 2006. Her snowkite adventures started in 2008, when she and her friends crossed the Krasnoyarsk Reservoir. She has been competing since 2013. Svetlana is in for her fourth VAKE (she did VAKE 2014, 2015 and 2016) and is also a regular in Trans-Onego Kite Enduro.

Special skills

“To survive in different conditions and continue the race. We don't give up, never". 


"Last year we had a great expirience on VAKE. We fought against the Varanger Peninsula and won :) It was an amazing feeling. We hope we have started a good VAKE-tradition; to award the best female/mied teama winners - and in 2017 we want to repeat this for ourselves!
And the main fact: we want to be a part of the best kite eventever - this is our motivation for VAKE". 

Not only did Team YeS get the best mixed-team award in 2016, they also won the "MacGyver award" for, during the race, replace a broken ski with a ski from the pulk, change bindings and transform the two pulks into one.