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After start 2015 photo Ekaterina Golitsyna VAKEAll 37 teams of VAKE 2016 are now gathered in Berlevåg for the last preparations before Varanger Arctic Kite Enduro starts April 5th at 10:00. Walking-start this year, hard snow cover, wind reports looking good - this could be a fast race! Follow the teams live here. Or visit a checkpoint! We're also on and on Instagram and Twitter @vakefinnmark. 



The route is as follows: 

Start Berlevåg April 5th at 10:00.

Passing Ragguvidda and the infamous Langdalen. Rounding at Storkløftfjellet and down to Stjernevann. Over to Mattavarri, Bergebyvann, Vadsø and all the way to Vardø. They have until Friday 20:00 to do ut. See the checkpoints and coordinates here

Kiting time: 07:00-22:00
Night rest: 22:00-07:00

Mandatory rest: Stjernevann 2 hours, Bergebyvann 1 hour, Vadsø 2 hours. 

You can read up on all the teams here

Results will be here

Good luck to all teams!