Participant (photo: Ingerid Jordal)
Audience (photo: Ingerid Jordal)
Volunteer (photo: Ingerid Jordal)
Partner (photo: Ingerid Jordal)

12936521 1019851898050678 1008938926100307234 n37 teams crossed the start line on time, 10:00 Tuesday morning. Berlevåg schoolchildren helped teams with equipment to the starting area. Then there was a walking-start at 10:00 to launching area, and off they went! 

The teams started their journey from Berlevåg village, and it continues through checkpoints in Båtsfjord, Tana, Nesseby, Vadsø and all the way to Vardø.

Kites on Fire was the first team to launching area, and Team Sweden and The Windity Alpboys right behind.

5 manned checkpoints are waiting for the participants: First, Ragguvidda, after 25 km. Then Stjernevatn, 63 km, Bergebyvann, 111 km, Vadsø, 145 km, then final checkpoint at Votteskaret after 217 km.

However, the actual sailing distance can often be twice as long, due to wind direction and terrain conditions. The VAKE route does not follow marked trails. Participants navigate freely between checkpoints.

10 of the participating teams are new in VAKE. The youngest participant is 21 years old, and the oldest is 57. Overall, average age is 38. Among the new teams were Team Youngsters from Kirkenes. Unfortunately, they had to leave the race because of a hurt knee quite early in the race.

Tuesday afternoon, three teams are in the lead – Windity Alpboys, Norwegian Express and Team Sweden, who all have arrived at checkpoint Stjernevatn.

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Results will be updated at each checkpoint by crew. 

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VAKE runs through six municipalities in four days on the Varanger Peninsula in Finnmark, Norway. 37 teams of two will start. The 30 first teams are allowed to continue through the Varanger Peninsula National Park, that starts by checkpoint Bergebyvann.