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VAKE start photo Ingerid Jordal VAKEThe walking-start from Berlevåg resulted in a good spread of the field early in the competition. Winds varying between 5-12 m/s today, teams rigging large kites (15 m/2 and up) had an advantage from start. Historic touch-down at checkpoint Bergebyvann this evening, when The Windyty Alpboys came in at 21:42, followed by Norwegian Express 21:46. 


Fastest team reached checkpoint Ragguvidda in 2 hours and 16 minutes (Norwegian Express). The slowest team spent 9 hours and 49 minutes (Beckett Brothers). Some light snow showers and passing whiteouts have been reported. Several teams took the opportunity to have lunch at the checkpoint there, having struggled all the way from Berlevåg.

However, headwind most of the day takes its tall. Norwegian Express coming in to Stjernevann with 18 m/2 kites right before 15:00, had some aching thighs to take care of. They left for Mattavarri and Bergebyvann with 13 m/2 kites in second position, right behind The Windyty Alpboys. Team Sweden half an hour behind at checkpoint Stjernevann, third position.  

At 22:00, 20 teams have left Stjernevann and two teams have checked in to Bergebyvann – the Siamese twins, The Windyty Alpboys (21:42) and Norwegian Express (21:46). If the wind is still there tomorrow morning, we could have teams in Vadsø around 10:00 Wednesday (their mandatory rest of one hour is added tomorrow morning, so they are to leave (07:42 and 07:46). Team Sweden should be checking in to Bergebyvann early tomorrow. 

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Team Youngsters unfortunately had to leave the race due to a rough meeting with some rocks resulting in a knee injury that we hope Trym Valvatne will recover from shortly.

Aside from that, two teams had incidents with a gully and rotor winds and pulk caught in pole that could have resulted in more serious damage, but luck were on their side. Some kites need repairs, but nothing severe reported.

See NRK reporting from the start 7:30 into this broadcast.

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VAKE start photo Ingerid Jordal - VAKE

VAKE start 2016 photo Ekaterina Golitsyna - VAKE