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eg2What a day! (Winners in Vardø! We’ll get back to that – this is a summary). Early morning glory at checkpoint Bergebyvann for teams The Windyty Alpboys and Norwegian Express. Sunny and 5 m/s wind. Southern unstable winds making it harder for the teams further in on the Peninsula.

By morning, 13 teams were still expected into checkpoint Stjernevann and the rest between Stjernevann and Bergebyvann. Teams in this area struggled with the southerly unstable winds in Varanger, some came walking in to checkpoint Bergebyvann.

Between Bergebyvann and Vadsø, the teams progressed fast. Crew we’re barely in place at checkpoint Vadsø to welcome The Windyty Alpboys at 09:13..! Norwegian Express came in at 09:45 and Team Sweden at 10:26.

At this point, the wind stabilized in the area around Bergebyvann, and the teams progressed faster towards checkpoint Vadsø.

Severyane (RU) came to Vadsø 12:18. At that time, both The Windyty Alpboys and Norwegian Express were struggling in the stony valleys and hills around Komagvær. Nevertheless, crew was ready at the finish line in Vardø to welcome them.

4 hours and 25 minutes after leaving Vadsø, The Windyty Alpboys arrived Votteskaret finish in Vardø at 15:38 and could start the celebration! “Very happy to be at the finish. Have been a hard race, a long race. The toughest, but best race we have done”, Florian Grüber and Jonas Lengwiler said, as Race Master Øyvind Stangnes served them some well-deserved champagne.

Finish 2016

At 16:54 Team Norwegian clocked their silver in at Votteskaret, feeling slightly relieved that a hard race was over (but probably a bit disappointed with not being able to keep up with The Windyty Alpboys having rigged 11,5 m/2 kites).

Team Sweden crossed the finish line at 18:26 – securing the bronze.

The evening was celebrated at the cottage in Votteskaret. Congratulations!

At 21:44 Severyane joined them – a nice fourth place. The top four well ahead of the rest of the field. We’ll see how it develops tomorrow. It’s forecasted more wind overall.

Windyty alpboys spent time in Komagvær finding the safest route between rocks. Teams have reported a lot of gullies and canyons, a great hazard in poor visibility. Checkpoints are warning all teams leaving about the danger.

Team RipOffAll teams but Xkite Italia and Mad Siberian Horses passed checkpoint Stjernevann during the day. XKiteItalia have broken gear and left the race. They are camping close to Gednje and we’ll arrange for pick-up to checkpoint Stjernevann tomorrow. Mad Siberian Horses are camping between passing points Store Buevann and Storkløftfjellet and we’ll probably see them tomorrow.

Three teams are camping at checkpoint Stjernevann tonight. Five teams are on their way from Stjernevann to Bergebyvann. Three teams are camping at checkpoint Bergebyvann. Four teams are between Bergebyvann and Vadsø.

At checkpoint Vadsø at 22:00, we had seven teams at the checkpoint and seven teams on their way from Vadsø to Vardø. Team YeS broke a ski, but moved the binding from the broken ski over to one of the pulk-skis, gaining a ski and losing a pulk. Came in to Vadsø with the new arrangement. Seemed to be working fine. All teams that have left Vadsø this evening said to take it easy. We hope they all are fine.

Simon Polo in French Kenels was brought down on the snowmobile trail to Vestre Jakobselv by Vadsø Røde Kors. He needed medical attention and has gotten that this evening.

No injuries reported today. Three teams in total have left the competition so far. Hope it stays this way througout the race. Now get som sleep, it's not over! 

Crew at Finish Votteskaret - photo Ekaterina Golitsyna