Participant (photo: Ingerid Jordal)
Audience (photo: Ingerid Jordal)
Volunteer (photo: Ingerid Jordal)
Partner (photo: Ingerid Jordal)

Vardø Finish - Ingerid Jordal - VAKE More wind all over. And wet snow, borderline rain to rain. Tacking towards Vardø Finish. Eastern to South-Eastern winds. Poor visibility from checkpoint Vadsø in the morning, better towards Vardø. If our teams didn’t have sore thighs before, they surely got it today.

Teams staying the night at Stjernevann were pondering on how to proceed this morning. Beckett Brothers decided to stay and kite around. Team Alta and Hangtime had a try, but came back to the checkpoint. Hangtime reported that they didn’t see it as responsible to kite 50 kilometers in whiteout and heavy wind.

Team Tromsø Kiteklubb International spent the night not far from Stjernevann and came back during the day. Crew picked up Team Xkite Italia by Gednje. They had gear failure. Mad Siberian horses came in during the day, skipping all waypoints after Mattavarri. All teams on Stjernevann will go to Vardø on the VAKE-bus tomorrow morning.

Teams leaving checkpoint Vadsø in the morning, had a long day in front of them towards Vardø in 10-15 m/s wind and very wet snow. Unstable visibility. But they came in like beads on a string:

Vardø Finish - Ingerid Jordal - VAKE5. Kites on Fire 10:04

6. Tornado Lou 10:07

7. Navrhuju Snist Psy 10:15

8. Czech Lions 10:59

9. Pushing the Limits 11:02

10. Tromsø Kiteklubb 12:02

11. Norkite 13:18


The battle for fifth position was fought between Kites on Fire (FI) and Tornado Lou (CZH) around 10:00 this morning. Kites on Fire we’re looking good, but the Tornado closed in from behind with smaller kites – wind gusts around 14 m/s and wet snow right in their faces. Kites on Fire were forced to make a last tack, Tornado Lou only 200 meters away – but they made it in at 10:04 – three minutes before Tornado Lou! Congratulations to both teams – for Petr in Tornado Lou, this is a climb from last year (and he beat his former teammate from Bora Czech Team – Tomas).


Team Nore was positioned to check in as the best mixed/female team this year – and only father-daughter team. Unfortunately Camilla had an accident and broke her leg close to waypoint 205 just before finish in Vardø. She was brought down from the mountain and taken care of by medical personnel. Team Nore did VAKE 2014 and 2015 – with a better outcome than this year. We’re so sorry, Camilla, hope for speedy recovery.

Whiteout decided to leave the race after having skied the last kilometers to Komagvær in slush. Got pick-up and beer by the road from Johns wife.

Six teams left the race today of their own free will. The seventh, Team Equipo Experiencia, International was spotted from checkpoint at 22:45 - having been instructed to keep moving towards Bergebyvann if they had the strength. They did not go by Mattavarri and did not clock in to Bergebyvann before 15:00, so they are out of race. 

Still fighting to get to Vardø, we had 17 teams spread from Bergebyvann at 22:00. Team Antiloop from Finland made the deadline and started out from Bergebyvann at 15:34, meeting Snowkite Angels (FI) on the way. The Angels left Bergebyvann at 11:20 together with Powerkite and Camp RipOff. We gather they are close to each other, all asked to report to HQ. 

Sideshore and Sopihop reached checkpoint Vadsø just after 20:00, will evaluate the weather tomorrow before deciding to continue to Vardø or not. Deskjockeys are camping only a few kilometers from checkpoint Vadsø.

Still between Vadsø and Vardø are teams Snowkite Bastards, YeS, Sky Country, Belka & Strelka, Frøydis og Aleksander and Snowkite Bastards are close to Vardø and YeS just caught some tailwind up from Komagvær and progressed the last 20 minutes before 22:00.

So – it’s not over till.. you know – still a racing day tomorrow. Deadline for leaving Vadsø is 14:00. Deadline at finish Votteskaret in Vardø is 20:00. We’ve had teams come in that late before, and we know that some of the teams (even those still not in Vadsø), surely are willing to try. 

Good night, see you tomorrow yellow and green and red and pink little kiters!