Participant (photo: Ingerid Jordal)
Audience (photo: Ingerid Jordal)
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World Cup
Three countries, three long distance kite races, one World Cup: Trans-Onego Kite Enduro in Russia, Varanger Arctic Kite Enduro in Norway and Pallas Kite Enduro in Finland.



Week 9, March 2-4*: Trans-Onego Kite Enduro, Onego lake, Petrozavodsk, Russia
3 days race, 250 kilometers (in direct line)
“Your chance to fight the Russians on their fields and then party with them!”
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Week 14, April 4-7*: Varanger Arctic Kite Enduro – Wissa World Championship 2017, Varanger Peninsula, Finnmark, Norway
4 days race, 200 kilometers (in direct line)
“Your chance to knock reigning World Champions from TOKE 2016, Russian Team Severyane, from their throne!”
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Week 16, April 20-22*: Pallas Kite Enduro, Pallas National Park, Finland 
30 hour race, 100 kilometers (in direct line)
“Your chance to kite in the steep hills of Finland – and conquer some forests too..!” 
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Note that these are race dates – estimate one day before and after for Race Meeting and Medal Ceremony. Details on and


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