Participant (photo: Ingerid Jordal)
Audience (photo: Ingerid Jordal)
Volunteer (photo: Ingerid Jordal)
Partner (photo: Ingerid Jordal)

Start 2016 - photo Ekaterina GolitsynaDeadline for paying the entrance fee for VAKE 2017, is January 31 2017. You'll find the payment info you need here. Please note that we kindly ask you to make one payment for the team - not for the two team members separately. After paying: Enjoy your two months left of preperations and training and welcome to Varanger!

You'll find all team info under the headline "Participant" here on

Any questions? E-mail post[at] and we'll get back you. 


Photo: Ekaterina Golitsyna/VAKE - all rights reserved.