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Team AllianceThomas Sørensen (1976) from Norway and Morten Rejkjær Clausen (1983) from Denmark have decided to team up - against all odds. They are both VAKE veterans, but from very different cultures. Will the Norwegian-Danish alliance get past the cultural obstacles in their efforts to achieve a place at the podium?  

Photos: Ekaterina Golitsyna (Thomas and background) and private (Morten)

Thomas usually finish first or second. His last achievements in Varanger Arctic Kite Enduro and Trans-Onego Kite Enduro are:

2016: 2nd in VAKE and 5th in TOKE 
2015: 1st in VAKE and 2nd in TOKE
2014: 1st in TOKE

Thomas has been a kite instructor since 2003. He's been winter camping enough to know that a wet sleeping bag in 40 below is very cold.

Morten has been in Vardø four times. He is a level 2 IKO instruktor level 2 and kites on both snow and water. He's been on several backcountry trips and done mounteneering and off piste skiing. His last achievements in Varanger Arctic Kite Enduro are: 

2015: 8 in VAKE
2014: 21nd in VAKE
2013: 13 in VAKE

Special skills

"We both agree that VAKE is the ultimate experience, the greatest excuse to play with freinds in the breathtaking nature. Its about that special VAKE feeling. When we get that - we are really fast". 


"To prove that even with great differences in culture and number systems, Norwegians and Danes can work together and share the space at the VAKE podium".