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Team Stema ByggebistandNewcomers Sammol Jovnna Nystad (1985) and Juhan Niillas Saba (1985) from Norway got a sponsor and changed their name from Eagle Brother (sami Goaskinvielljat) to Stema Byggebistand, but we kept it in a parenthesis. They both live in Karasjok and are one of two local Finnmark teams this year. Their goal is simply to complete the race. 

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Sammol is born and are living in Karasjok in Finnmark. He has been kiting since 2004. In 2005 he spent a year at Bakketun Folk High School doing extreme sports and have been kiting ever since. He's crossed the Finnmark Plateau many times and also crossed the Hardanger Plateau. He uses the kite to get to icefishing spots and hunting areas all the time. Sammol is out kiting when ever he can and thinks it is a lot of joy in this sport. 

Juhan has been snowkiting for five years, including several expedition kiting adventures in Finnmark. He's been interested in the outdoors as long as he can remember. Already as a kid, he would venture out to the wilderness during winter on skiis and explore the local area. He has completed several long ski expeditions in Finnmark, both solo and with friends.

Special skills

"There is nothing we can't do ;)"


"Complete the race". 


Sammol Jovnna NystadJuhan Niillas Saba