Participant (photo: Ingerid Jordal)
Audience (photo: Ingerid Jordal)
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Partner (photo: Ingerid Jordal)

Team 4People6LegsVAKE virgins Sean Rose (1971) and Mike Dann (1978) from the UK have teamed up with Per Oskar Store (1976) (winner VAKE 2015). Sean is Spinal Cord injured and our first seated snowkiter. Mike and Sean successfully crossed the Vatnajokul glacier, Iceland in 2016 as part of Team 4People6Legs, and VAKE was the natural progression for these outdoor junkies. 

Photos: Background - Ingerid Jordal/VAKE, Sean and Mike - private, Per - Kyrre Flotve

After careful consideration from the VAKE committee, it was agreed to accept them as a Team of three this time round.

Sean has set many challenges since his Ski accident in 2000 which left him Paralysed (T8 incomplete). Achieving many accolades as a Winter Paralympic Ski racer, World Champion Waterskier, Winter X Games medallist and so much more. He started kiting from his wheelchair in 2011 and developed a prototype seated snowkite rig to take on VAKE. Fiercly independant and motivated to overcome lifes speed bumps, not one looking for sympathy -

Mike is a polar explorer and winter mountaineer, with kite experience in Greenland, Norway and Iceland. He has the legs of a giraffe and the heart of a lion, who hates to be defeated in anything he puts his mind to. Even though expectations for VAKE are relatively low, you can expect him to give it a good go.

Per has been kiting since 2002 and has six VAKEs behind him. In 2015, he took the World Champion title with Thomas Sørensen in Team Upsete. Per thinks he has enough winter experience by now. He’s spent a lot of time outdoors since he was a kid and just loves it! Per is a guy that keeps his cool. 

Special Skills

"Teamwork, never say never!"


"To be outside our comfort zone and enjoy a beautiful part of the World".