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Team Polarmond TentsMichael Kaspar (1971) and Andrew Zurkinden (1981) will aim for the podium if they see a chance. They both have competition experience and know their way around the mountains. VAKE 2017 will be Michaels fourth and Andrews first. In addition to finishing the race, Michael is hoping to see the Aurora Borealis this year!

Photos: Private

Michael has been kiting for 25 years. Not without accidents, but he’s still doing it. He’s a Swiss snowkiter and knows the mountains. He’s done many avalanche courses. This will be Michaels fourth VAKE and he absolutely knows what a whiteout is.

World Champ in 2004 
Vice World Champ in 2010 - read more on on Palmares
3rd in Wissa WC
5th in Redbull Ragnarok 
10th in VAKE three years ago

Andrew has been snowkting since 2004 and on skis for the last four. He’s a snowboard instructor Level 2 and spend (overall) several months in Ski camps in the Swiss Alps.

Redbull Ragnarok 2015/2016
2nd Norges Mester Snowkite cup in Snowboard 2015

Special skills

“We want to kite fast and try for the top 10. If we see a chance, we’ll aim for the podium. We agree on that”.


“We will sleep on clouds just like at home, so during the days we will go harder. We know we will sleep the perfect way the next night. We absolutely want to go to the finish line. We want to have a really good time in the Varanger Peninsula nature and this year we would like to see the Aurora Borealis”.