Participant (photo: Ingerid Jordal)
Audience (photo: Ingerid Jordal)
Volunteer (photo: Ingerid Jordal)
Partner (photo: Ingerid Jordal)

Team Hren Dogonish Janne Riihelä (1974) from Finland and Eduard Radaev (1973) from Russia have done many VAKEs, but are teaming up for the first time in 2017. The team name "Hren Dogonish" means something like "Horseradish catch up"- i.e. that "it is hard to catch up on how to eat horseradish or mustard" or just "to catch up is not easy"..! We count these guys in for the top ten (at least). 



Photos: Ekaterina Golitsyna and Ingerid Jordal

Eduard usually kites with Maxim Ignatov as Team Severyane and did not want to participate in VAKE when Maxim couldn'd make it. Janne first had some issues with work that he resolved, but then his partner couldn't make it. Having known each other through VAKE and Trans-Onego Kite Enduro for many years, they got in touch and we think this new team is a great idea!

Janne (known from Team Pushing the Limits) has been snowkiting since 2000. He’s done several kite enduro races, an eight week winter expedition in Sweden and many shorter trips, Mt. Elbrus Caucasus and Denali West Buttress in 1999.

Varanger Arctic Kite Enduro 2013, 2014 and 2016
Trans-Onego Kite Enduro (Russia) 2014, 2015 and 2016
Pallas Kite Enduro (Finland) 2016
Wissa Long Distance Worldcup overall standings 2nd 2016

Eduard (known from Team Severyane) has done both Trans-Onego Kite Enduro and VAKE many times. We think he might be a veteran this year!? Eduard can show for great results with his early team NortFly and later Severyane. In Trans-Onego Kite Enduro, he’s almost unbeatable.