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Virus TeamAdrian Miclea (1974) and Augustin Staicu (1979) from Romania are kiters, speedriders and paraglider pilots. They’ve participated in ski touring contests and did Pallas Kite Enduro in Finland last year and Trans-Onego Kite Enduro in Russia this year. In 2017 they have their VAKE debut because they love this kind of competitions.



Photo: Private

Adrian and Augustin have been friends for a long time.

Augustin started kiting in 2011 and kites on both water and snow. He also loves speedriding and ski touring.

Adrian started kiting in 2007. He also practices speedriding and paragliding. In 2013, he supported the Romanian pilot at Red Bull X Alps.

Adrian and Augustins home sport is Sinaia in Romania at 2000 meters. It’s about 100 kilometers from Bucharesti and 30 kilometers from Count Draculas Castle..! The area is friendly and without trees. In the summer season they have a spot by the Black Sea.

For ten years, they have been organizing Winter air Sports contest (snowkite and speedfly) in Romania. Read more here

Virus Team finished TOKE 2017 as number 11. Their goal is to finish VAKE the same way.

Special skills

“Good snowkiting and touring skills”.


“We love this kind of competitions”.