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Team Nore v2.0The Happy Family Kite Team in the 2017 family mix. This year Henrik (1959), Haakon (1989) and Camilla (1987) Nore – Father/Son/Daughter – are teaming up. Camillas special skill is a titanium leg, Haakon has an analytical mindset and Henrik has the competitive spirit. Blood is thicker than water, go Team Nore v2.0!

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Henrik started snowkiting at Finse in 2010 and loves kiting up and down mountainsides. Finse is Henriks favourite spot for kiting and the last three seasons he has been kiting at Hardangerjøkulen from January to June. He has participated in VAKE three times with his daughter Camilla Nore. The first time they participated in 2013, Team Nore reached Votteskaret as team 24. Last year, Team Nore fought for top 10. Unfortunately, 10 kilometers before finish, Camilla broke her leg in a three meter drop and failure of ski release...

Henrik has also raced Redbull Ragnarok in 2015 and 2016, finishing as 23rd in 2016 out of 200 participants.

Henrik has extensive winter outdoor experience. He is extremely fond of cross-country skiing adn has been going on yearly trips for a week in the high mountain areas where he has encountered all kinds of weather for the last thirty years. He has been on many trips from “hytte-til-hytte” and once had to dig a snowcave when they were surprised by a storm. He uses Vestmarka for cross-country skiing as much as he can during weekdays in winter and participates in the racing class in Skarverennet every year.

Haakon started kiting in 2007 and has been kitesurfing and snowkiting since. He participated in Redbull Ragnarok in 2015 and 2016. He spends summers kitesurfing at Verket or Veierland and winters snowkiting at Finse. In 2012-2013 Haakon lived in Perth, Australia and traveled around in Asia and USA with his kitesurfing gear, living the dream.

Haakon spends the winters at Finse with friends and family. He likes to be outside during the winter and don’t mind sleeping outside. He was an active cross-country skier when he was younger, and later instructor, until he saw the light and started kiting.

Haakon has slept outside many cold winter days during his military service at Garnisonen i Sør-Varanger and his training included winter survival with only basic amenities, “Character building” exercises, first aid and advanced GPS and radio communication. (He also has MSc in Communication Technology and a radio amateur license, LA3XUA)

Camilla is ready for her fourth VAKE this year. She has been snowkiting since 2010 and participated in VAKE 2014, VAKE 2015 and VAKE 2016. Last year, as mentioned, a possible top ten position was lost when she broke her leg. Camilla placed 5th at Red Bull Ragnarok 2016.

Apart from kiting, her outdoor winter experience consists of skiing (randonee and cross-country skiing), ice-climbing (female winner of the ice-climbing competition at Rjukan Ice Festival 2016) and snowboarding.


“Team Nore v2.0 will try for top 15. However, as last years’ competition ended quite dramatic, our main goal this year is to finish the race with all body parts intact and strive to be part of the 30 teams allowed in the national park. Of course we don't want to miss this breathtaking landscape; we dream all year about kiting in this fantastic landscape and meeting the hospitality of the Varanger Peninsula! This year, all of the team members are looking forward to participate at the party together with our competitors and friends from previous VAKEs!”

Team Nore v2.0 i Australia