Mattavarri photo Samuel BaySlow start for the teams at 7:00 this morning. Light wind, light snowfall. Teams starting to walk. Many teams enjoying one more cup of coffee before packing the tent. Some strategically choosing to wait for wind. Others continuously on the move, awarded with some kiting and some more walking.  

Leaders Windytv Alpboys started the day with three hours of ski touring. Spirits was higher when they came kiting into rounding point Mattavarri. Slowly, but steadily they worked their way to CP Bergebyvann with two hours mandatory rest.

Team Sweden climbed from a seventh to a second position today, leaving CP Bergebyvann about an hour after Windytv Alpboys. Sweden gained a lot on the Alpboys between CP Bergebyvann and the descent to Vadsø. But, then the wind died, kites dropped and Windytv got back the one hour lead in to CP Vadsø.

Some very technical kiting observed from CP Vadsø when Windytv Alpboys arrived. Light tailwind in slow snow in a slight downhill. Alpboy Florian came kiting in to the CP with Jonas behind, ski touring. “It’s been hard”, they said.

Navrjuhu Snist Psy chose to rest from 20:00 last night and about five teams walked past. It payed off. They have climbed to a third position today. They came in to CP Vadsø this evening with both kites in the air.

Times for top three at CP Vadsø: Windytv Alpboys 17:30, Team Sweden 18:47 and Navrhuju Snist Psy 18:59. They all continued chasing each other on the last and toughest distance towards Smelror/Vardø in low light and some light snowshowers.

The Alliance 21:31, Tornado Lou 21:40 and ABC printhouse 21:53 all came kiting in the darkness to CP Vadsø with headlights. They can combine their 2 hour mandatory rest at the checkpoint with sleeping longer and enjoying a slow(er) morning.

Status at 22:00 April 5th

Popoloka and 4People6Legs close to Buefjell after CP Ragguvidda. All other teams checked in or passed CP Stjernevann. Four teams at CP Stjernevann staying there waiting for the wind to come back. Nine teams between CP Stjernevann and CP Bergebyvann. Three teams at CP Bergebyvann. Beckett Brothers came in at deadline at 22:00 - super happy! 

A total of four teams have left the race, some due to minor health conditions others due to gear failure.

Checkpoint crew reports teams in fairly good conditions considering the long distances of ski touring and low wind kiting. 

Hoping for more wind tomorrow! 

Check out our show on Facebook - leave the tracking page open - get som sleep - see you soon! 

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