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Summary Day 3 - VAKE 2017

Komagvær photo Espen RobertsenIf Wednesday was slow, this Thursday has been even slower... But we got the World Champions Windytv Alpboys to Vardø at 15:51 and the silver medalists Team Sweden in at 17:54! Hard day, hard race, they own these medals. Kudos to all teams out there refusing to give up although they signed up for the Long Distance Kiting World Championship - not the Ultra Trail du Varanger Peninsula with way to heavy gear #vake2017 #wind #please

Photo: Espen Robertsen

12:30, desperation kicks in. We ask Vardø crew to start dancing the wind dance and making sacrifices. We call the Meteorological Institute in Tromsø for hope. They give us some. We should get a 3 m/s gentle breeze from south at some point. A hope is lit, but we don't trust this weather. We must have made the wind gods angry somehow. Quote from Team Swedens fanpage "&%¤"!#(!& This must go down in history as the biggest kite race without wind ever!" Yes, maybe, and if so - we've taken a major one for the team! 

On the upside, this has been a VAKE with very few injuries (knock on wood). A lot of blisters, though. And it's not over. We still have 18 teams racing (walking).

Windytv Alpboys and Team Sweden minute by minute was todays' show. Checking in on the other CPs and the situation was the same. No surprises. Easter weather. Advantage for teams with touring skis. 

Status at 22:00 Thursday April 6th

Half of Polarmond Tents in Vardø, left the race at Stjernevann.Navrjuhu Snist Psy closing in on Vardø finish. Seven teams close to CP Komagvær. One team between CP Vadsø and Falkefjell. Eight teams between CP Bergebyvann and CP Vadsø. Kinetic Warriors in Vadsø - left the race at Stjernevann. Kites on Fire at CP Bergebyvann - left the race there. Dima and Heikki at Bergebyvann - missed the deadline at 15:00. Jotunheimen Summit Kiters at CP Bergebyvann - skipped Mattavarri. Team Standing Rock a few kilometers from CP Bergebyvann - skippet Mattavarri. JomaicanROBsleighteam and Ulle and Maxi descending from Mattavarri. Janick and Simon lodging in Meskelv. 4People6Legs, Popoloka and Joker at Stjernevann.                                                                                 Photo: Samuel Bay

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"VM-silver i VAKE" - SVT Sport


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