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Bronze medalists VAKE 2017 - ABC Printhouse

ABC PrinthouseCONGRATULATIONS to ABC Printhouse - 3rd place in the Wissa Long Distance Kiting World Championship 2017! Awarded for an early morning and fighting all the way, Jarle Hetland and Kristoffer Evensen crossed the finish line in Vardø at 8:10 - 2 minutes before Team Sideshore..! 



Yesterday the Czech team Navrjuhu Snist Psy held the third position the whole day, making strategic choices whether to kite or not. This morning they were not moving by 7:00 and ABC Printhouse passed them around 7:30. More teams coming behind - the fight for third was a thriller! 


Sector Alarm


Varangerhalvøya nasjonalpark