Nattfjelldalen photo Oyvind StangnesNo time limits, extreme exhaustion, sleep deprivation and competitors to watch. The 2018 edition of VAKE will be one big team racing towards Vardø. Join us!

VAKE 2018 – Varanger Arctic Kite Expedition – will be arranged in week 15, from Monday 9th to Saturday 14th of April – with a twist.

The 2018 event will be a VAKE Expedition – which we as organizers have wanted to do for a long time. With a bit more comfort, less stress, more fellowship and more time to experience and enjoy the sub-arctic wilderness as we kite the Varanger Peninsula.

It will still be challenging and with the same goal as before: Get everyone safe and happy to Vardø!

Done VAKE before?

This is your opportunity to explore and enjoy the fantastic Varanger Peninsula without racing against time, others and your safety limits. 

Never done VAKE, but would really like to?
This will be the ultimate opportunity to get to know the Varanger Peninsula and prepare yourselves for future VAKE competitions. General preparation, navigation, route planning, risk assessment, handle different weather, snow and wind conditions, camping outdoors – it will all be there.  

Main points for VAKE 2018:

  • You sign up and participate in teams. If you want to come as a group, that’s fine. If you don’t have a team mate, you can sign up alone and we we’ll try to arrange for you to join another team or group.
  • We will start together in Berlevåg (or where the snow condition allow us to) and sail together along the route and the checkpoints.
  • Depending on the number of new participants and skill levels, we will have some tour leaders dedicated for groups of teams if needed. This will be the best ever preparation for your next VAKE competition!
  • Teams may navigate and try alternative routes between the main checkpoints, but we will gather up at the evening and set camp together. In the National Park, we will sail as one group.
  • At the some of the manned checkpoints (at least Stjernevann and Vadsø), there will be served hot meals with local Varanger twist.
  • During this Expedition, you will learn about the geography, wildlife and history of the Varanger Peninsula. There is no time for this during av regular competiton. 
  • Gear requirements for participants is the same as described in the VAKE race manual, but competition experience is not required. We base the packing list and race manual on regular VAKE, but they will be adjusted slightly for the 2018 edition.
  • Our main goal: To get everyone of you safe and happy to Vardø and then have the traditional party and dinner at the Sirkka farm in Vadsø with the hot tubs, saunas and local food.

You'll find all the information you need and the registration form here

Why are we doing this for 2018?

Because we want to, we want to ride with you and we want to test this expedition concept.

Also, with the ongoing Arctic Fox Preservation Project, we have to reduce the pressure on the most fragile areas, especially the first year. The Varanger Peninsula National Park will try to save the Arctic Fox by adding 70 pups to the population.

And for those of you that cannot fight your competitive nature: In 2019, VAKE as you know it will be back with an even longer and harder version than ever before… Save week 14 in 2019!


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