Start VAKE 2017 photo Samuel BayThe list of VAKE teams / heroes 2019 is ready! We have 12 nations fighting for the WISSA World Champion title: Norway, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, France, Switzerland, Romania, Germany and Finland. Among them three all female teams, five mixed teams, four family teams, ten new teams and seven teams with a new participant. 

 Photo:Samuel Bay / VAKE

Teams Varanger Arctic Kite Enduro 2019 - WISSA Long Distance Kiting World Championship

Aliansen: Thomas Sørensen and Morten Clausen from Norway/Denmark

Beckett Brothers: Thomas Francis Beckett and Anders Francis Beckett from Denmark

Beito Kite: Svein Yngvar Willassen and Nicolay Flaaten from Norway

Boreas: Mikhail Terentyev and Pogrebniyak Georgy from Russia

Crazy Dahuts: Stéphane Delaunay and Aurelien Macara from France/Switzerland

Deskjockeys: Marcus Österberg and Martin Hecht from Sweden

Froydis & M-E Team: Frøydis Sjøvold and Marie-Eve Mayrand from Norway/Canada

Furious Kiters The Team: Bård Espen Kjærsdalen and Tor Olav Hugdal Kalberg from Norway

Ghostbusters: Korolko Aleksey Nikolaevich and Korolko Aleksey Alekseevich from Russia

H2 Continental: Peter Hauderowicz and Cezar Hauderowicz from Canada

Icicles: Andrej Mikulik and Petra Mikulik from Slovakia/Czech Republic

Joker: Johannes Eknes and Kent Rune Haugen from Norway Ola Denarp and Mats Ekström from Sweden

Midnighters: Andrei Atamanov and Evgeniya Kotlyarova from Russia

Navrhuju sníst psy: Honza Simek and Miroslav Schutz from Czech Republic

Northern Express: Eduard Radaev and Dmitriy Nikulichev from Russia

Old Grumpy Young Breed: Øystein Walle and Andreas Dyhr Petersen from Norway

P&S: Svetlana Freeder and Pavlína Herberová from Russia/Czech Republic

Rambo II: Johan Ramberg and Per Rehnberg from Sweden

Russo Turisto: Volkov Egor and Zolotarev Andrey from Russia

Secret Kite Club: Tom Magne Jonassen "Kite Viking" adn Lars Erik Tunby "Tuna" from Norway

Sky Country: Maxim Maximov and Sergey Maltsev from Russia

Snowkite Angels: Raimo Selen and Christelle Selen from Finland/France

Snowflakes: Monika Seidlova and Robert Sasak from Czech Republic/Slovakia

SnowKite Bastards: Erik Langørgen and Anders Østmo Stubban from Norway

Sonic Boom Boys:  Nils Ivar Nilsen and Pål Andreassen from Norway

Spies: Alexey Stepanov and Ravil Muslyumov from Russia

Swedish Whiteout: Richard Wernersson and Hannah Eriksson from Sweden

Team Borchsenius - Kiting4cancer: Jo Borchsenius and Anders Borchsenius from Norway

Team Camilla: Camilla Nore and Camilla Ringvold from Norway

Team Nore v3: Henrik Nore and Haakon Nore from Norway

Team Sideshore: Lars L'Abee-Lund and Hans Rognerud from Norway

The Windy Alpboys: Jonas Lengwiler and Florian Gruber from Switzerland/Germany

Tornado Lou: Petr Petráš and Josef Nežerka from Czech Republic

Virus: Miclea Adrian and Molnar Endre from Romania

WhiskyTango: Kyrre Flotve and Pål Erik Gustad from Norway