Start VAKE 2017 photo Samuel BayThe list of VAKE teams / heroes 2020 is ready! We have 30 teams coming to conquer the Varanger Peninsula in March/April. Welcome!

 Photo:Samuel Bay / VAKE

The teams represent 16 nations: Austria | Denmark | Canada | Czech Republic | Finland | France | Germany | Italy | Norway | Romania | Russia | Slovakia | Sweden | Switzerland | United Kingdom | USA.

We have veterans and familiar faces, but also eight new teams. 

Teams Varanger Arctic Kite Enduro 2020

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Air'n Style Fever: Julien Rosener and Aurélien Macara from France

Apiums: Boris Filimonov and Farid Aslanov from Russia

Beckett Boys: Johan beckett, Asger Beckett and Emil Beckett Kolko from Denmark

Beckett Brothers: Anders Beckett and Thomas Beckett  from Denmark

Beito Kite: Nicolay Flaaten and Svein Y. Willassen from Norway

DanBru: Eirik Bruland and Radek Danecek from Norway / Czech Republic

F-one Team Sweden: Jonas Jakobsson and Nikola Leijon from Sweden

Franz Joseph: Ronald Rotter and Maximilian Rohrer from Austria

Frøydis & Venke: Frøydis Sjøvold and Venke Torland from Norway

Ghostbusters: Aleksey Nikolaevich Korolko and Aleksey Alekseevich Korolko from Russia

Jalapenos: Augustin Staicu and Coca Sebastian from Romania

Liten Kuling: Espen Krog Lie and Dorte Louise Sagen from Norway

P&S: Svetlana Freeder and Pavlína Herberová from Russia / Czech Republic

Pegas: Jakub Hajek and Jan Sebesta from Czech Republic

Pomors: Egor Volkov and Pavel Izotov from Russia

Red Arrow: Dmitriy Nikulichev and Maksim Ignatov from Russia

Sejkybrejky Boby: Václav Pindík and Pavel Kraus from Czech Republic

Snowflakes: Monika Seidlová and Robert Sasak from Czech Republic / Slovakia

Snowkite Angels: Raimo Selen and Christelle Selen from Finland / France

Swedish Whiteout: Richard Wernersson and Hannah Eriksson from Sweden

Team Bavaria: Florian Gruber and Markus Färber from Germany (Bavaria)

Team Frost: Jurn van den Bovenkamp and Tage Gilje from Norway

Team Sideshore: Lars L'Abee-Lund and Hans Rognerud from Norway

The Dad Bod's: Mike Dann and Garret Zallen from United Kingdom and United States of America

The Shitwoodsters: Jonas Lengwiler and Marie-Eve Mayrand from Switzerland  / Canada

Tornado Lou: Petr Petras and Josef Nezerka from Czech Republic

Tramontana: Egor Ivanov and Evgeniya Kotlyarova from Russia

T & T: Thomas Sørensen and Olav H. Kalberg from Norway

Virus Team: Adrian Miclea and Endre Molnar from Romania

XKITE Italia: Claudio Simone and Marco Clementi from Italy


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