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Team Severyane photo Ekaterina GolitsynaMaxim Ignatov (1977) and Eduard Radaev (1973) from Russia are coming back every year. They just missed the podium in VAKE 2016 when they finished fourth. One word for this team: Solid. 

Photo: Ekaterina Golitsyna / VAKE

Maxim Ignatov (36) from Murmansk has been kiting since 2004. He participated in VAKE for the first time back in 2011 with team Northfly, he won TOKE 2013 with team Northerners and has been on several ski trips with overnight stays in mountain Hibiny.

Eduard Radaev (40) from Zapolyarnyi has been kiting since 2002 and is chief designer, manufacturer and tester for Nortfly-kites. 

Severyane is also green-cards winners from Trans-Onego Kite Enduro 2016. 

Special skills
"You should not doubt our abilities". 

"Still no motivation, just habit and we still wan't to see old friends:)

Read their blog/webpage here (Northfly).


Maksim Ignatov - Team Severyane - photo private

Eduard Radaev - Team Severyane - photo private

Aleksey Korolko and Eduard Radaev are both back for the third time. This time they want to go all the way to Vardø. Kites, sleds and skis are ready and waiting for their time. Northfly is hoping that it will be lots of snow this year and that all the stones and rocks are hidden under a white blanket of snow.

Aleksey Korolko (37) from Petrozavodsk has been a kiter for seven years. This will be his third VAKE. He holds a 15th position from 2011 and a 16th position from 2012.

He keeps coming back because he likes how the competition is organized and because he would like to finally make it all the way through and finish in Vardø.

Eduard Radaev (39) from Zapolyarnyi has won the Imandra kite marathon two times and competed in VAKE 2011 and VAKE Sprint 2012, where his team came in third.

He won TOKE 2013 with team Northerners, and as you know – only two teams finished that competition; Norherners and Upsete.

Eduard joins us again because Varanger Arctic Kite Enduro has become his habit.

The latest snowfall and the forecast for the next 25 days are promising. We hope Varanger will spare the VAKE-teams skis this year.