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ABC PrinthouseThey have seven VAKEs between them with convincing results. Now ABC Printhouse from Norway is back for their fourth VAKE as a team. Jarle Hetland (1982) and Kristoffer Evensen (1980) have their usual goal: Do better than last time. 

Jarle Hetland (1982) will be a veteran this year, as this is his firth VAKE. He is from Stavanger and started kiting in 2006. Kiting and surfing is a big a big part of his life. Every winter, he spends a lot of time on Hardangervidda and has a lot of long distance kiting experience from there.

Kristoffer Evensen (1980) is ready for his fourth VAKE. He's from Verdal and first tried kiting in 1998 when a friend brought one from Germany. He's been an active kiter since 2004. He lived in Perth for a year to kite and study. Now he spends his summers kiting in Stavanger and his winders kiting at Hardangervidda. He moved to Stavanger mainly for kiting.

"I am from Værdal, so it's natural for me to spend a lot of time skiing. Most of my winter experience is from Norway, but I have also been abroad skiing and hiking in winter time", he says. 

VAKE merits

VAKE 2013: Top 25
VAKE 2014: 3rd
VAKE 2015: 5th
VAKE 2016: Jarle Hetland with Venke Torland in Team Sopihop - Top 20

Special skills
"Coming back each year".

"Do better than last time:)"