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Team Kitetic Warriors photo Ingerid JordalBack from the darkness: Alex Bennett (1984) and Murray Smith (1984). Last seen battling for the silver medal in VAKE 2013 - which they took home. They're back for the World Championship to compete against the best and give them a run for their money!

Photo: Ingerid Jordal / VAKE

We will admit that British Kinetic Warriors took us by surprise when they took home the silver medal in VAKE 2013. But that is what happens when you keep busy all year. 

Alex is skiing, kite skiing, mountaineering, doing Iron man triathlons, kite surfing and speed riding.

Murray is doing kite surfing expeditions, kite skiing, ice climbing, climbing, skiing and speed riding

Special skills

"Great stamina, ability to keep motivated and team work. Technically probably not the best in the field, but we'll keep going and hopefully be near the top at the end!"


"Competing against the best and giving them a run for their money!"