Waypoints for Varanger Arctic Kite Enduro 2017

Waypoints VAKE 2017 (pdf). 

Some waypoints may be added, some may be removed due to snow conditions and wildlife conciderations on the Varanger Peninsula.

We'll keep you posted on any changes.


Additional information

Waypoint 6 - "Store Buevann" - Passing powerlines

At the point 5 – "Store Buevann", you must stop and pack your kites, ski downhill under the two powerlines and cross the road. After crossing the road, you can launch your kites again.


The area will be monitored by VAKE staff. Any attempt to go to near or to kite under the powerlines, will lead to immediate exclusion from the race.


Weather conditions – special preparations
Stroms may likely occur during VAKE. Be prepared! We encourage all of you that do not have the knowledge about it, to practice digging snowcave or a snow shelter on flat ground (kantgrop). This requires knowledge and should not be done for the first time of when you need it! An avalange probe is a good tool to measure snow depth and mark your site if you have to seek snow shelter in a storm.


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