It is important that all participants read and understand the Race Manual for VAKE in English (pdf). Please read our safety instructions and the packing list - a lot of equipment is mandatory! Note that this will be updated for VAKE 2017. 

The race manual contains information about

  • Entrance fee
  • Registration and payment
  • Cancellation
  • Weather- and snow conditions in Varanger
  • Safety and insurance
  • Checkpoints, rest and deadlines
  • Rules
  • Classes
  • Experience requirements
  • Food
  • Equipment
  • Times
  • Daily sailing window /night rest
  • Exclusion and deadlines
  • No wind?
  • Interruptions/pauses
  • Power lines
  • Way of right / sailing behavior
  • Wildlife and nature considerations

And a declaration form we need you to sign before entering Varanger Arctic Kite Enduro.