Here are the teams/heroes of VAKE 2017. Klick on them to read more (* = new teams). 

34 teams from 15 countries ready for Varanger Arctic Kite Enduro 2017 – Long Distance Kiting World Championship! Representing Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia – and for the first time two teams from Romania! 


4People6Legs: Sean Rose and Mike Dann from England and Per Store from Norway

ABC Printhouse: Jarle Hetland and Kristoffer Evensen from Norway

Asgard Austria: Ronald Rotter and Oliver Palmers from Austria

Beckett Brothers: Anders Beckett and Thomas Beckett from Denmark

Czech Lions: Tomáš Křivský and Martin Lafek from Czech Republic

Dima & Heikki: Heikki Veijola from Finland and Dmitriy Bubnovikov from Russia

Hren Dogonish: Janne Riihelä from Finland and Eduard Radaev from Russia

Janick and Simon: Simon Polo and Janick Volle from France

JOmaican ROBsleigh Team*: Jo Borchsenius from Norway and Rob Hart from the Netherlands

Joker*: Johannes Eknes and Kent Rune Haugen from Norway

Jotunheimen Summit Kiters*: Richard Müller and Svein Yngvar Willassen from Norway

H2 Continental: Peter Hauderowicz and Cezar Hauderowicz from Canada

Kinetic Warriors: Alex Bennett and Murray Smith from England

Kites on Fire: Keijo Alila and Jussi Tanskanen from Finland Ola Denarp and Mats Ekström from Sweden

Navrhuju sníst psy: Honza Simek and Miroslav Schutz from Czech Republic

Popoloka: Alexey Stepanov and Olga Ryzhova from Russia

Rodents and Owls: Evgenia Kotljarova and Boris Filimonov from Russia

Snowkite Angels: Raimo Selén and Christelle Selén from Finland

Snowkitebastards: Anders Østmo Stubban and Erik Langørgen from Norway

Team NjoyTheRide*: Hannah Eriksson from Sweden and Camilla Ianke from Norway

Team Nore v2.0:  Henrik Nore, Camilla Nore and Haakon Nore from Norway

Team Poland: Maciej Dubinski and Michal Slowinski from Poland

Team Polarmond Tents: Michael Kaspar and Andrew Zurkinden from Switzerland

Team Sideshore: Lars LAbee-Lund and Hans Rognerud from Norway

Team Standing Rock: Frøydis Sjøvold and Klemet Store from Norway

Team Stema Byggebistand (Goaskinvielljat)*: Sammol Jovnna Nystad  and Juhan Niillas Saba from Norway

Team Sweden:  Richard Wernersson and Simon Jaktlund from Sweden

The Alliance: Thomas Sørensen from Norway and Morten Rejkjær Clausen from Denmark

Tornado Lou: Petr Petras and Josef Nezerka from Czech Republic

Ulle og Maxi: Ulrikke Christina Kjær and Maximilian Rohrer from Norway

Virus Team*: Adrian Miclea and Augustin Staicu from Romania

Windytv Alpboys: Florian Gruber from Germany and Jonas Lengwiler from Switzerland

YeS: Alexey Korolko and Svetlana Freeder from Russia