How to get TO VAKE 2017

To participate in VAKE, you have to arrive in before the competition starts (...). You can travel to Kirkenes, Vadsø or Berlevåg with either plane, car or Hurtigruten. We will organize Snelandia VAKE-buses from Vadsø and Kirkenes to Berlevåg on Monday. The Snelandia VAKE-bus from Kirkenes leaves when both Norwegian and SAS has landet around noon and all are accounted for (appr. 12-12:30). The bus from Vadsø leaves appr. 13:00. We recommend that participants make their way to Kirkenes or Vadsø by plane (Norwegian, SAS, Widerøe) and join the buses from there.


Arriving earlier?

The sports hall in Berlevåg will house teams from Friday March 31st. Contact Emma Gunnarsson - emma.gunnarsson[at] / 0046 739126351 to tell them when you're coming! 

If you arrive in Kirkenes Friday, there is a bus you can take from Kirkenes airport, via Tana bru to Berlevåg. It leaves Kirkenes airport at 17:10 and arrives in Berlevåg around 21:00. Double-check with our partner Snelandia for all routes! PS: Saturday there is no bus as far as we can tell, Sunday the bus leaves at 11:41. 


Travelling by plane

Our recommendation if you are travelling by plane: Travel by plane to Kirkenes on Monday, where we pick you up at the airport and transport you to Berlevåg. The Snelandia VAKE-bus from Kirkenes leaves when both Norwegian and SAS has landet around noon and all are accounted for. On Sunday you can take Hurtigruten from Vadsø at 07:15 AM to Kirkenes and plane from there around noon.

You have to arrive in Kirkenes no later than Monday April 3rd at 11.30 AM if you are going on the VAKE-bus. Travelling from Oslo means that you have to catch the morning flights from Oslo of SAS or Norwegian directly to Kirkenes.

You can also fly with Widerøe from Kirkenes (or other airports) directly to Berlevåg. They cooporate with SAS, and you can get connecting flights when ordering your ticket through them.

Buy your plane ticket as early as you can

Buy your ticket as soon as we have confirmed your team for VAKE. The tickets will most likely only get more expensive as we get closer to VAKE.

Transportation of skis and pulks on planes

Excess baggage (in addition to carry-on baggage) is cheaper when booked in advance (as you buy your ticket). SAS will also ask you to register that you are travelling with skis or special luggage.

You'll find the details at and


Travelling by car

It is possible to drive to Vadsø or Berlevåg. However, all participants are transported to Vadsø after the race, so it will be parctical to leave the car in Vadsø and take the VAKE-bus. Alternatively you can take the Hurtigruten to Berlevåg or fly directly to Berlevåg with Widerøe. 

  • You go to Berlevåg and stay there for a few days before the competition
  • You meet us in Berlevåg Monday 16.00 (note that there might be convoy driving from Tana - see itinerary)
  • You meet up with the bus in Kirkenes Monday at 11.30 AM
  • You meet up with the bus in Vadsø Monday at 13.00 PM


Travelling by Hurtigruten

Want to make the most out of your trip? Hurtigruten travels the Norwegian coast from Bergen to Kirkenes. If you choose this option, you have to travel with the boat that arrives in Berlevåg Sunday at 22.30 PM or before.


How to get FROM VAKE 2017

Hurtigruten departs from Vadsø 07:15 on Sundays and corresponds with the early departures of SAS and Norwegian. If you would like some more time in Vadsø on Sunday, check out later departures with Widerøe from Vadsø with south-bound connections.