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Audience at CP Vadsoe photo Ingerid JordalBeing a VAKE-volunteer is demanding and intense, but mostly exciting and fun. Your amount of contribution does not matter. Whether you like to be where the action happens or work behind the scenes – We need you!

How you contribute is mostly up to you.


Would you enjoy being outdoors at one of the checkpoints on the Varanger Peninsula for a few days in March/April 2025?


No experience needed. It will be a huge advantage for you and us if you have your own car and can stay at the checkpoint for a minimum of two days.


If you have any questions, contact us on post [at] vake.no. 

Visit our volunteer page on Facebook to see pictures of how life as a volunteer for VAKE can be. You can also contact us directly on Facebook.


Practical stuff

We cannot cover your travel-expences, but we can get you from Vadsø/Kirkenes on the VAKE-bus before the race.

In Berlevåg, you can sleep in the sports-hall or arrange something else yourself. At the checkpoints, you must be prepared to sleep in a tent and you need to bring the right equipment for it. We will provide food.

After the race, you might just have a floor to sleep on, but we'll try to get you som more comfortable, depending on how many that are in need.

Transportation between checkpoints or other will most likely be by car. We will work out the detailed logistics when we have an overview. It is a huge advantage to us if you bring your own car (and snowmobile would be awesome) and can move independantly. 

Photo: Ingerid Jordal / VAKE