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Navrhuju Snist Psy - World Champions!

Vinnerne Navrhuju Snist Psy foto Guro GjestvangAt 09:56 AM Thursday April 4th 2019 we had the new World Champions in Long Distance Kiting crossing the finishing line in Vardø: Navrhuju Snist Psy from Czech Republic. Congratulations!! We had a close race in the top four coming into CP Vadsø and Navrhuju Snist Spy beat silver madalists Windy Alpboys (Switzerland/Germany) with only eight minutes in Vardø. 

Windy Alpboys med vinnerne Navrhuju Snist Psy foto Guro GjestvangStandings at 16:30 April 4th (race start April 2nd 10:00)

1. Navrhuju Sníst Psy 9:56 AM: Honza Simek and Miroslav Schutz from Czech Republic

2. The Windy Alpboys 10:04 AM: Jonas Lengwiler and Florian Gruber from Switzerland/Germany

3. Beckett Brothers 11:16 AM: Thomas Francis Beckett and Anders Francis Beckett from Denmark

Tana Husky 12:51 PM: Dag Broch and his ten dogs from Norway (1 st in his own class)

4. Tornado Lou 13:15 PM: Petr Petráš and Josef Nežerka from Czech Republic

5. Team Sideshore 13:21 PM: Lars L'Abee-Lund and Hans Rognerud from Norway

6. Northern Express 13:28 PM: Eduard Radaev and Dmitriy Nikulichev from Russia

7. Swedish Whiteout PM: Richard Wernersson and Hannah Eriksson from Sweden

8. Alliansen 15:27 PM: Thomas Sørensen and Morten Clausen from Norway/Denmark 

9. Beito Kite 16:08 PM: Svein Yngvar Willassen and Nicolay Flaaten from Norway

 Photos: Guro Gjestvang/VAKE



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